The Montreal Review of Books sings the praises of Generation Rising in a new review published in its fall edition. The book, released in April 2015 by Fernwood Publishing, is reviewed alongside Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’s In Defiance, the newly released English translation of the Governor-General’s Award-winning Tenir Tête.

In the glowing feature entitled “Naming the Possible,” Montreal writer and cultural producer Patricia Boushel writes:

“Shawn Katz integrates Nadeau-Dubois’s account into a panoramic history of student politics in Quebec since the Quiet Revolution. The book’s astonishing level of detail reflects the author’s thorough research and makes up for a dearth of writing in English about the topic. Like Nadeau-Dubois, Katz supplies a rich index, copious notes, and a solid list of references, including Badiou, Hessel, and Massumi. The historical account of student associations is frankly fascinating when set alongside the major changes in Quebec society over the past fifty years. Katz at times relays the action on the streets and in the corridors of power with histrionic zeal – but the extent of mainstream media’s compliance with the government’s agenda, and the latter’s conflation of governance with profit mongering, should rightfully arouse indignity! The author gets carried away and carries us with him. […]

Throughout their works, both Katz and Nadeau-Dubois call upon readers to locate instances of democratic and political possibility and engagement.”

Click here to read the full review in the Montreal Review of Books.


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