Generation Rising receives the praises of Canada’s national book magazine, Quill & Quire, in a review published in its July/August 2015 edition.

Reviewed jointly along with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’s In Defiance, Montreal-based writer Patricia Maunder lauds the two books for offering “convincing” arguments and “thorough and intelligent insights into the Maple Spring, and why it was more than just a fight between students and Jean Charest’s government over proposed fee hikes to universities.”

Maunder singles out Generation Rising for being “extensively researched” and labels the book an “articulate encapsulation of the protesters’ perspective” and a “solid primer” on the movement.

Writes Maunder:

“Among the most important contributions Katz makes to the conversation is an analysis of his generation’s disenchantment with hierarchies, including democratic institutions they feel do not represent them, and their shift toward ‘horizontal, decentralized, and networked structures.’ Critical to this, and likely a catalyst for it, is the embracing of social media, which enables the mobilization of essentially leaderless movements, from Quebec’s carrés rouges to the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.

Those of the neo-liberal mindset that Katz and Nadeau-Dubois attack are about as likely to read these books as Das Kapital. For others, who seek a better understanding or fresh perspective on the Maple Spring, Generation Rising and In Defiance will be welcomed. They make valuable contributions to discussions about the price, cost, and value of education, the nature of democracy, and the meaning of prosperity.”

Click here to read the full review in Quill & Quire.

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